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AmDram Membership Management

Manage your

from your website


members' details


subscription records


GDPR requirements

The complete solution for managing your member information, subscriptions, and society officials. Built specifically for amdram societies and designed to ensure you comply with your GDPR obligations. 

Easy to set up and fully automated to simplify control of your membership. 

Say goodbye to multiple copies of out of date member lists! Keep your members' details all in one place, up to date and accessible only to those people who need it.

Included FREE with all our new websites!

Easy set up in just a few steps

  • Set up your membership types and prices
  • Set up your members' details
  • Set up a subscription for each member
  • If required, set up the officers who need to view and edit the information
  • All details can be updated quickly and easily

Comprehensive reports, available only to designated officers

  • List of members with current subscriptions, showing contact details and membership type
  • List of members whose subscriptions have expired
  • Treasurer's Report showing full subscription details and total amounts paid
  • Youth Group membership can be kept separate
  • Many more reports available

Manage your GDPR responsibilities, worry-free

  • Your member details are kept securely in one place
  • Members can keep their own details up to date
  • Emails sent automatically to designated officers to review those members without a current subscription
  • In line with your Privacy Policy, these members are reminded by email, blocked from accessing the website and eventually deleted, all with a simple button click

And more...

  • Integrated list of society officials, linked to their website access. When an official steps down or up, their access changes, allowing them to see whatever their role allows
  • This list can be published anywhere on your website and is automatically updated if a role changes or an officer updates their personal details
  • List of member birthdays, in month order

Click here to read the blog with full details

*The Membership Management feature is built using Fabrik - the Joomla application development tool

Learn more...

Can the members app be installed on any website?

The app can be installed on any website built with Joomla. There would be a charge for installing the app onto a pre-existing Joomla website. Any new websites built by AmDram Web Design can have the app installed for free. 

How secure is the information on the website?

There are various levels of security. First, the members' data is only visible to specified logged in members (usually specific office-holders). Second, Joomla itself has security built in to protect against hackers, which is regularly updated. Third, AmDram Web Design can install Akeeba Admin Tools, the leading Joomla security component, for free. And finally, your web hosts will have further levels of security built in. 

Can logged in members see each others' details?

No, members can only see their own details, which they can update any time they are logged in. Only specified members (usually specific office-holders) can view the details of all members.

What happens if we change our membership prices?

Simply update the prices in the Membership Types list. This will affect only new subscriptions, not those from previous years. And if you change your membership types, this can be easily accommodated too. 

How does the app know when our subscriptions expire?

The date the season expires will be built in when the app is installed, according to your specifications.

What are the timescales for blocking and deleting expired members?

The timescales will be built into the app when it is installed, according to your specifications.

If a member is deleted what happens to their subscriptions history?

Although their personal data is deleted, the subscription history is retained and will be displayed in the Treasurers Report. The member's name will not appear but their initials will remain, helping the Treasurer to identify them if necessary. 

Can members pay their subscriptions through the app?

No, the app does not include payment processing. It should be possible to add third-party components to process payments, but such components usually carry an annual fee.