Use your website to manage your communication

Your website is great for advertising your shows, social events and keeping your audience and members informed of important news, but they have to visit your website to see this information. You can be much more proactive if you use your website to send messages OUT to interested parties.

As part of your web hosting package you will almost certainly be given an email address for your website, probably more than one. You may use this as your recipient email address on your Contact page, but you can also use it to send out emails.

If you have created a private Member’s page on your website, you have probably set up all your members with their own username and password to login. If this includes an email address, you can easily send mass emails out to all your members to remind them of events or give them a heads up on news items. You only have to create one email, which will then be sent to all your members’ email addresses.

You can also start to create a mailing list of interested parties if you add a tick box to your Contact page. If your website is clever enough, it will automatically add these to your mailing list and you can then send suitable emails to the folk on your mailing list advertising your forthcoming shows (but make sure you comply with GDPR and your own Privacy Policy).

If your website is built using Joomla (and all mine are) there are several great packages available – some for free – which manage and automate all this email communication for you.

Using your website is a great way to manage your communication.